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Features & Advantages

• Innovative design with rotor inclination and special rotor blades • Hygienic, self cleaning design •Simplification of the maintenance via hinged door access on each side. • Available in two motor sizes to suit a range of duties

The inclitec Bran Finisher (HSBFI), offers better efficiency in bran removal process compared to the conventional models. One of the main benefits of HSBFI is the precise operational control of the process via special rotor blades.With the special rotor blade design, HSBFI provides better efficiency in removing bran from flour. Moreover, the ability of changing the angle of the rotor (sieve) ensures better contact of the product with the rotor surface which also increases the efficiency of the operation.
Technical Features
Capacity (TPH) Power Requirements Exhaust
kg/hr lb/hr kW hp m3/min cfm
HSBFI 75 1800 4000 7.5 10 6 200
HSBFI 110 2500 5500 11 15 6 200