Advanced Sensor Technology

Advanced Sensor Technology
Advanced Sensor Technology

Every day, across the world, people need healthy food to survive

We need clean, rich in nutrition and well processed food to ensure our health, comfort and, not least, our productivity

Henry Simon is dedicated to find solutions to these challenges by providing the intelligent milling products and services

The Advanced Sensor Technology; enables the Henry Simon machinery to monitor its operating conditions in order to provide intelligent milling to improve the quality of the product.

Human Detection Sensor

is designed to detect the operator when he/she is nearby and saves time while interacting with the machine. When the sensor is triggered the touchpanel turns on, unlocks, ready and waiting for a command to be entered by the operator.

Air Pressure Sensor

is built to detect and warn about the air pressure loss in the pneumatic system of the machine which is also directly related with the grinding pressure on the main rolls.

Stock Level Sensor

enables to adapt the feed flow rate by checking the stock level inside the feed tank for optimum and efficient product feeding.

Hopper Clog Sensor

is used to warn the operator against clogging inside the lower hopper. which enables the machine operate smoother and minimize the unscheduled downtime.

Feed Roll Rotation Sensor

enables the machine to track rotation speed variation of the feed rollers to ensure uniform and efficient milling.

Ambient Sensor

is particularly designed to detect ambient condition (Temperature/Pressure/Humidity/Illuminance) for optimum and efficient milling.

Roll Position Sensor

triggers to inform the operator to detect whether the main rollers are engaged or disengaged for a safer operation.

Failure Prevention Sensor

is designed to detect excess machine vibration in 9 axis to prevent overall machine failure, minimizing unscheduled downtime.

Main Roll Rotation Sensor

is designed to warn the operator when there is an unexpected malfunction in the main rolls due to belt problem or material clogging.

Main Roll Temperature Sensor

is mainly responsible for the temperature variation on the main rolls to prevent heat related machine failure.

Main Roll Bearing Vibration Sensor

Detects vibration changes on main roll bearings in order to prevent the machine from the main roller bearing failure.

MANOSYS Pressure Gauge

is a standart sensing element that detects and warns the operator against the low differential air pressure for the machine aspiration for sustainable and efficent machine operation.

Timing Belt Temperature Sensor

detects and warns the operator about the overheating of the timing belt which is an early prevention for the overall machine failure.