Cleaning Section

The Destoner Classifier (HSTKTD) is used for removal of the stones, metal particles, and mud balls etc. from the grain. It is also practically used to sort the grain into heavy and light fractions by aspiration.

Features & Advantages

Easy and quick screen replacement
Durability and long life span
Precise adjustment of screen inclination and air flow rate

Technical Sheet Picture

Technical Features
Model * Capacity (TPH) Motor Power (kW) Air Requirement
Gross Volume (m3)
Net Gross
HSTKTD 80 8 2x0.35 80 570 633 5.9
HSTKTD 120 16 2x0.68 120 650 732 7.7
HSTKTD 180 24 2x1.1 230 790 899 10.3
Dimensions (mm)
Model A B C D E F øG øH øJ øK L
HSTKTD 80 1,610 1,050 2,000 2,200 1,257 950 121 121 120 400 500
HSTKTD 120 1,450 1,356 133 121 150 500
HSTKTD 180 2,000 1,900 192 150 200 600

* Capacities are given based on wheat with the spesific gravity of 0.78-0.80 kg/dm³, and they can change depending on the variety, initial condition and contamination of product.

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