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The new Purifier at A Glance

The new purifier (HSPU) is developed in the collaboration of Henry Simon R&D team with Italdesign – one of the most famous industrial design offices worldwide.
The strong architecture of the new HSPU purifier, combined with energy-efficient vibro motors provides a reliable, efficient, and trouble-free operation. Additionally, the purifier is also built to satisfy most of sanitation standards using food grade materials for product contact surfaces.

Advanced Sensor Technology 

The new HSPU purifier presents plenty of new features with Advanced Sensor Technology™, which provides a higher reliability, operational safety, and consistent quality in the bran removal process.
The sensor pack has been presented as an option with the HSPU purifier, including four different sensors as listed below:

  • Human Detection Sensor automatically switches on the touchscreen panel and LED lights of the machine, by detecting the operator's physical presence. This contributes to the energy-saving at a big extent.
  • Ambient Sensor is designed for monitoring environmental working conditions (temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, etc.) of the machine to help sustaining optimal processing conditions. For example, any possible degradation in the sieving performance of the purifier due to high humidity, etc. can be easily monitored and prevented.
    The 9-axis sensor in the ambient sensor pack is also responsible for monitoring the operating amplitude and frequency of the purifier, to ensure a safe and efficient operation.
    Digital Manometer helps sustaining the optimal air flow inside the purifier’s air channels during the operation. The sensor closely monitors the inlet air pressure and warns the operator about any fluctuation, to ensure a high yield in the bran separation.
  • Motor Load Sensor is used for monitoring the amperage load of vibro motors, to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

Operational Transparency

Being the first application example, the purifier is equipped with a touchscreen control panel which displays the critical operating data including amplitude, frequency, static air pressure, motor load ratio, etc. The information can be easily shown as a detailed chart or trend graph in the control panel.

Features & Advantages

Light metallic sieve frames with adjustable tightening device
Easy to clean and hygenic design
Quick and easy replacement of sieves

Technical Sheet Picture

Technical Features
Model Motor Power (kW) Net Sieve
Width (mm)
Air Requirement
Gross Wolume
Net Gross
HSPU 46/200 2 x 0.40 500 50 1,000 1,334 8.7
HSPU 46/200C* 4 x 0.40 100 2,500 3,010 17.8
Dimensions (mm)
Model A B C D E F øH øJ K L
HSPU 46/200 2,715 1,200 1,355 1,820 2,220 1,194 100 300 580 1,575
HSPU 46/200C* 1,485 2,925 3,390 420
* Double Deck Purifier

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