Innovation at Henry Simon
Innovation at Henry Simon

Intelligent Milling

We strive to drive industry innovation by fundamentally changing the way we mill.

In 2018, we introduced The Advanced Sensor Technology, our long term innovation strategy, which focuses on developing intelligent milling offerings to make our customers’ businesses smarter and more efficient.

Advanced Sensor Technology Machines

We always monitor new technologies and trends and we validate them through customer insights. Our product development is structured around the themes we most strongly believe will benefit our customers business. Here are some of the themes:

• Collect, consolidate, and make data available, so that milling can be performed "intelligently"
• Introduce artificial intelligence into milling to provide productivity gains and consistent quality of grain milling.
• Empower customers and innovators through smart interactions
• Develop value-added services and insights, i.e. digitalized services and data driven recommendations on the best possible milling regime.

Global Product Development

Our product development is customer centric and based on a close cross functional collaboration between our customer insight teams and our product development organization.

More than 2% of our annual revenue is spent on research and development, and across the world we have more than 280 R&D engineers working with a structured stage-gate development process.



ITALDESIGN has been offering development services for the automotive and other various industries since 1968. Part of the Volkswagen Group which owns 12 brands, such as; Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ducati.

Today, the company is also developed themselves as the turnkey project service provider and a reliable development partner, which is able to offer integrated services and assist car makers in the whole development of future vehicles.

Henry Simon, by partnering with the ITALDESIGN, has enhanced the ergonomics and the design and robustness of its products.


Production and Technology

Henry Simon engineers and key R&D personnel are consistently focusing their efforts on the new, efficient and environmental-friendly manufacturing techniques suitable for large-scale production in local research and development resources.

Our engineers and project managers are field-oriented professionals which are experienced at planning and overseeing all phases of the installation and commissioning processes in turn-key projects. Our automation and controlling group is also available to provide you with latest, comprehensive PLC system for your processes.

The production for the state-of-the art machinery is being established at nine production facilities across the globe, including Japan, Turkey and Brazil to support new products in both the development and industrialization phases.


Our Innovation History

For more than 140 years, Henry Simon has worked on bringing innovative and intelligent milling solutions to the industry.

Our founder Henry Gustav Simon, an accomplished engineer and mechanical genius, became aware at an early age that the old processes of milling flour using millstones had many disadvantages and that the roller milling system offered many possibilities.

So he introduced the first roller milling plant to his process design. In 1878, he founded his business and built the first such plant in England based on the 'Gradual Reduction' milling system, in Manchester.

Then he became probably the largest manufacturers of flour milling machinery in the country and have maintained a pre-eminent position in this industry for over 50 years. Many of the largest and most important flour mills, not only in United Kingdom but throughout the world, are arranged on the famous "Simon" system of flour manufacture. The machinery employed is both interesting and ingenious and is outstanding both as regards appearance and workmanship.


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