The legend of milling technology is back...

Alapala and Satake are joining forces in a pioneer brand:
Henry Simon
HSM Notice
2018 IAOM HSM Booth

The new USA 50% tariffs on steel from Turkey do not apply to Satake or Henry Simon equipment that we import from Turkey.

2018 IAOM: Success!
As more than 125 companies showcased cutting edge technologies at the 2018 Expo, Henry Simon once again stood in the spotlight. With over 800 milling professionals flooding the streets of Atlanta, Henry Simon was both happy and proud to show many of them the latest innovations in rollermill and optical sorting technologies.

Satake Corporation and Alapala announces the rebirth of the Henry Simon range of flour milling equipment. From its inception in 1878, Henry Simon of Manchester, England has always been known as an innovator and a driving force that helped create the milling industry that we know today.

The new range of equipment captures the original pioneering spirit combined with the groundbreaking design and aesthetics resulting from the combined research and development from Japanese and European design hubs. The equipment will be built in the newly completed Henry Simon manufacturing complex that features the very latest robotic cutting, welding and assembly technology.

HSM Rollermill

The Henry Simon Rollermill was recently added to the family of products and is used for milling grains to produce flour - by grinding the grain as it passes through two rotating cylindrical rolls. Features and advantages include: low noise level, efficient and aesthetic, quick spare parts changeover, and low energy consumption.

Innovation Crowned!

Henry Simon, once again, has proven its pioneer position in milling technologies and won 1st place in the industry-recognized 2018 GRAPAS Award for Innovation.

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